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Long Phu

This November DAKOTRANS delivered boiler equipment (totally 13 packages of 229424 kg gross weight) within the frameworks of Long Phu, Vietnam projec. The carriage passed through Taganrog, Novorossiysk with a final destination in HCM (Vietnam). The goods were deliverd properly and in time.


Implementing another part of BARH project (India), DAKOTRANS carried a significant portion of boiler equipment (totally 282 packages of 1533 336 kg total gross weight) from Taganrog to Novorossiysk within October-to-November period, 2016. The goods were delivered skilfully and in time.

Belarusian n.p.p

At the beginning of 2016 CJSC DAKOTRANS transpotred parts of the deaerator for Belarusian nuclear power plant, in Ostrovets, Republic of Belarus.

Under the project 11 packages had to be shipped, with the largest one weighing 89 tons, and dimensioned as 185 cm [lengh] x 421 cm [width] x 431 cm [height]. The goods were transported by means of three OOG specialized vehicles and one standard tilted truck.

All the required permits, including permissions of the plant, were obtained well in advance.

The project has been completed in strict conformity with the requirements of the client.

Belarusian n.p.p

From April to July of 2015 CJSC DAKOTRANS carried another energy equipment cargo for Belarusian n.p.p., located in Ostrovets, Republic of Belarus.

Under that project some 123 packages with the total weight of 2 164 700 kg were delivered. The goods were transported from JSC POWER MACHINES facilities up to Belarusian n.p.p jobsite.

Both regular trucks and specialized vehicles were used for the carriage.
Prior to the beginning of the OOG carriage, CJSC DAKOTRANS obtained all the required transport permits, with a permission to conduct works on the plant’s territory.

Apart from the carriage itself, CJSC DAKOTRANS was also responsible to the discharge at the site.
The project was complete n strict conformity with the requirements of the client.

Igorevsky woodworking plant

In 2015 CJSC DAKOTRANS, assisted by the head office DAKOWORLD Duseldorf, handled the transport of the laminate production line equipment and machinery to IGOREVSKY Woodworking plant, Smolenskaya oblast, Igorevskaya town, Russia.

Total scope of the shipment made nearly 451 tons and 7000 cubic meters. The mixing chamber was the most complicated unit in terms of the carriage, It was 8.4 meters in length , 4.7 meters in width and 4.8 meters in height.This package was transported from Budapest, Hungary, to Russia multimodally. It was first shipped by a barge, then by a ferry, with a further haulage by a lowbed trailer up to the jobsite. The shipment was delivered successfuly and according to the agreed schedule.


In 2015 CJSC DAKOTRANS delivered the architrave of the forging press from Mönchengladbach, Germany, to Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia.

The architrave was shipped disassembled and composed of two parts. Each part weighed nearly 91 tons. The cargoes were delivered multimodally, under door-to-door basis, via St. Petersburg port. CJSC DAKOTRANS was also responsible for the clearance of the goods in St. Petersburg port. The project was executed sucessfully.

Kigi h.p.p

In the beginning of 2015 CJSC DAKOTRANS transported the first Unit for Kigi hpp, Turkey.

The total weight of the supplied cargoes (133 packages) amounted to 381 461 kgs. The transport was carried out by sea and truck following the route from St. Petersburg, Russia — via Antwerp — to Mersin port, Turkey and up to Kigi hpp site, Turkey



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