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Installation and lifting

The technologies and machinery used today to construct various industrial facilities, such as, for instance, power-generating stations, power plants or new shopfloors of machine-building enterprises, to an significant extent, depend on financing. Its it so as to construct facilities some heavy equipment ( like: turbines, generators, reactors, press, transformers and so forth) is used. It must noted that a great deal of funds is usually wasted for general pre-construction works, as: foundation building, installation of load-bearing structures and etc. An issue of a bridge crane deserves some particular attention. The crane's lifting capacity reaches up to up to 200 tons. But the problem is that it costs, as well as its installation. In addition, crane's capacity is quite insignificant at times, as it mostly operates with cargoes from 3 to 20 tons.

In this regard, 'the non-crane installation method' becomes more and more popular nowadays. A thousand ton steelwork and concrete structures are no longer required, which substantially reduces time required for building facilities. Today our country also enjoys up-to-date lifiting machinery and technologies, though not so long ago to install such heavylifts as generators, turbines or presses, we applied for an assistance of foreign experts. Today DAKOTRANS is one of those up to the level.

It worth mentioning that currently our company is prode to own the most cutting-edge and reliable hydraulic lifting gear manufactured by leading producers. DAKOTRANS is ready to offer the following: loading, unloading, lifting, placing of goods onto the foundation, dismantling and canting of OOG whose weight vary from 50 to 5000 tons. To keep up with the purposes only up-to-date lifting equipment used. On the average, the equipment is capable to handle goods up to nearly 18 meter lenght. it is the limit though.



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