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Transportation insurance

Current state of affairs, both in global policy and economy, nudges to insure goods being shipped. The insurance becomes an obvious influential part while making the contract. There are some international normative acts regulating an issue of insurance of cargoes transported across one or several countries. Though tariffs and rules may vary.

The 'full responsibility' transport insurance is a basic package during international carriage of goods, in particular, it provides for insurance against any losses due to damage or loss of goods, in full or in part, caused by any possible reason, including: theft, robbery, assault related to the robbery, intentional or unintentional failure of goods inflicted by third parties, disappearance of goods with an operating vehicle, fire, explosion, road accidents, catastrophies and natural calamities etc.

Nonetheless, a coverage for domestic or international transports may be extended and include some additional risks connected with some unexpected riots, hostilities, terror acts and other circumstances. The package may also cover loading, unloading, transshipment and temporary storage.

Our company renders insurance services for overdimensional and heavylift goods being shipped by truck, rail, sea and plane, in part or fully.

Insurance tariffs are determined individually for each particular customer depending on a character of goods, route, mode of transport, goods value and etc. Rates may vary from 0,06% to 0,6% out of an insured sum (goods value). An insured sum may include expenses of the carriage and storage, if proved by the documents, and expected operating profit, although not exceeding 10% out of the goods value, and, thus, an insured sum may amount to 110 % of the goods value.



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